Summer Solstice 2016

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Summer Solstice 2016

Well, it's not the momumental event that this year's Full Moon Winter Solstice was, but hey, it's a Solstice!

In New Zealand it happens this year on December 21st @ 23.44h. So it's only just over 1/4 of an hour short of being on the 22nd.

It also happens to be the start of Beltane's Year XIII of recording on the Seasonal Days. That's right 13 years of recording on every Solstice & every Equinox!

Go to Beltane's Reverbnation Page

Please note, this post is not mainly intended to promote my band, but if I am reaching out to people I may as well do so!

Maybe you might like to follow the two second procedure to create an account on this forum and actually reply!

If enough are interested maybe we could even start our own private forum dedicated to the NSO.

At any rate, have a good Solstice.