Polishing Off the Oak Moon - Winter Solstice 2017

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Polishing Off the Oak Moon - Winter Solstice 2017

Well, this year it certainly isn't a Full Moon Solstice. Far from it. It's an Oak Moon Solstice and the moon will have all but waned away by the Eve so, we'll just be polishing off the last of it. Much like that Winter Solstice of 1998. Gothvaron will remember well.

Have I got any new Beltane tracks to celebrate with this year? Maybe not quite so much but this one will be released on June 17th. Yet, if you are reading this you can download a high quality version of it right now! This particular link was for The Ineffable Mark Dubanowski, Beltane's main drum contributor over the last eight years.

It's got little to do with the Solstice, but it's a pretty cool song. And this new mix sets it in a different light, as the song was originally recorded & mixed in 2007 - Baphgirl's second recording & first W.Sol. with the project!

Some Say Satanists / N.A.O.S

I hope you all have an awesome Winter Solstice, and those who read this in the northern hemisphere have an excellent Summer Solstice. And if you're around Nelsonia maybe we will meet once again?